who we are

The #1 Quoted Tshirts Shop in the World !

burgerQuotes™ is a brand powered by popArmada SAS
as part of our business and marketing strategy, within our Product Portfolio,
we produce and sale our own registered Branded products – popArmada ®
via 3rd party online services & our professional Sales platform, such as this website “https://burgerQuotes.com“.
All our Tshirts and on this online shop are branded with our burgerQuotes™ logo.

popArmada SAS as online marketing agency –aka Creative Business Lab.
We promote our company via standard printed and online advertising, and through our own produced popArmada ® branded products as corporative advertising.
Our marketing products are on sale via our agency homepage, and branded products on this website.
Our registered ® branded products are part of our marketing strategy, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and help us promote our company by wearing them.

We love what we do and it makes us happy if you love our products too“.


burgerQuotes™ and popArmada® Stores sells & ships everyday™ products worldwide.
For all our customers worldwide and 3rd party resellers, WholeSales & VIP partners.


popArmada SAS designs and produce it’s own products.
We purchase basic materials and products from 3rd party vendors, and apply our branded designs through professional print services.
We promote & sale online via different platforms across the web, such as on social networks and blogs.
burgerQuotes Store ( https://burgerquotes.com) is an ecommerce website powered by popArmada ®.


popArmada also offers graphic design and print on demand services for professionals,
via our online marketing agency.popArmada.com
& promote other popArmada ® branded products, such as Tshirts, Hoodies & Apparel or Accessories worldwide.


Show The World How Lucky You Feel ™ & everyday streetwear Trends™ by popArmada ®


Intellectual Property : concept and designs by popArmada.
All burgerQuotes™ and popArmada ® designs are copyright protected
& belong to popArmada SAS © 2019-2024 All Rights Reserved.
For more information, please contact us.


burgerQuotes™ is under popArmada ® registered Brand.
popArmada brand was officially Registered Brand ® at INPI France in 2020
for “Clothing, Apparel & Accessories”.
Brand National registration number : 204 661 125

Until further notice, all burgerQuotes™ Tshirts hold the burgerQuotes™ branding logo only.

Soon burgerQuotes and popArmada will be a Registered brand also in the USA and Canada.

About TVA (VAT)
popArmada SAS does not collect TVA, and our prices do not include TVA.
Exemption to TVA – art. 262 of CGI -France.
In all our invoices appears : exemption to TVA (VAT) – art. 293 B of CGI -France.
We plan to adapt our enterprise in a near future, but for now we do not return TVA.
Thank you for your understanding.