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If burgerQuotes brings freedom of speech and happyness to your life, you took the Right Choice.

burgerQuotes ™ Tshirts are designed and produced by popArmada SAS.

Smart, Awesome & Trendy original everyday streetwear Tshirts –premium quality only- 
with quoted messages for Ladies and Gentlemen

On this website (, we sell only burgerQuoted Tshirts.

Send your message to the world… Bite a Quote today & Wear what you wana say ! ™

burgerQuotes™ by popArmada ® 2019-2023 © all rights reserved.

Home of everyday streetwear™
For any Time of the Year, Show the World how Lucky You Feel !™

burgerQuotes ™ are premium quality slim fit quality, Unisex Tshirts for woman & men.

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About burgerQuotes™ (popArmada®) design Branding

Awesome original and smart Tshirts, perfect for day or night, work, Fun & Party.
burgerQuotes Tshirts are available in Premium Quality Only by popArmada ®

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